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Welcome to Examiners Plus Paramedical

Our examiners are experienced medical professionals specializing in physical examinations and personal health interviews, primarily for the life and health insurance. We operate throughout the entire state of Utah and through our network of examiners can provide services throughout the United States. We provide regular ongoing updates through our secure web site, fax, phone or e-mail, and welcome any help with reaching clients or setting up appointments. Our turnaround time from reception to completion averages one to three days, client permitting.

With Examiners Plus handling your paramedical exams you can rest assured that your applicants’ experience is enjoyable and professional. Examiners Plus Paramedical Services is continually striving to provide insurance companies and their agents with the most reliable and responsive service available in the field of mobile medical examinations. As your partner we are committed to sending professional staff to complete your medical examinations in a timely and efficient manner.

Examiners Plus Paramedical is committed to handling your paramedical exams by representing you in the best possible manner. We will do everything we can to ensure your applicants' experience is enjoyable and professional.

When we receive an order we immediately assign an examiner in close proximity to your client. Upon assignment, the examiner is responsible for contacting the client within 24 hours to schedule the exam. Working with your client's schedule, our examiner's goal is to have the exam scheduled and completed as quickly as possible. Our examiners instruct and inform your clients on ways to make sure they have most accurate results on the exam.

A typical exam usually consists of a paramed, urine, and blood collection. With the basic paramed the examiner will obtain a medical history, physical measurements including height, weight (chest and waist measurements for males), as well as blood pressure and pulse readings. Occasionally a resting EKG may be required. These basic service required by the insurance company are routinely performed by our examiners.

When the exam has been completed, the examiner sends the information per the insurance company's instructions, to the appropriate assigned lab, agent / agency, or directly to underwriting.

All lab specimens are always sent overnight express to the insurance company's designated lab for analysis.

Let us give you and your clients the personal service you both deserve. Contact Examiners Plus, and get started today